Monday, September 7, 2015

The one thing I hate about travelling alone is getting sick.

And sick I finally am, after a month.

It started yesterday with an episode of diarrhoea. Over the past 24 hours it has evolved into diarrhoea, vomiting, chills, feeling like shit. So I try to starve the bug (bad idea), sleep all day and woke up at 530pm feeling amazing. Until I stood up, felt the room go spinning around me and had to rush to the toilet to poo. I have gingerly made my way down the stairs, now im sitting upright nursing a cup of tea and having palpitations trying desperately to remain upright and not puke all over this tablet.

However, I am swaying and the room is swaying, tea is threatening to come back up, heart is going to burst from the effort of sitting up typing this and so Im going to crawl back into bed. Moments like this I desperately wish for someone else to be around, if not to go out buy paracetamol or bring me liquid in bed, at least for comfort...

Thursday, September 3, 2015

im in moron

Information on bus timings seem to be woefully inaccurate in Mongolia. Everywhere I read claimed at least 16 hours from ulaanbaatar to Moron. Thinking of saving a nights accommodation I hopped on the 3pm bus from Dragon center. It finally left at 4pm, leaving me quite pleased as that meant an hour extra to sleep on the bus in the morning.

So imagine my surprise when just before 4am, the lights are all switched on and people start getting off the bus into the darkness which looked like the middle of nowhere. Convinced this cannot be Moron, I check my GPS and what do you know - it is Moron! Im in Moron!

No clue where I am with the name of one guesthouse bouncing around in my mind (gan oyu) I stumble off the bus half asleep and into the waiting arms of a greedy taxi driver, demanding 5000 for the ride to the guesthouse. The fact that it was 4am and he was the only guy around combined with the fact I had no clue where I was and where the guesthouse is, I take the ride....

After what felt like 3 minutes of slow driving, we arrive at the guesthouse. I could have walked. At this point I think even he felt bad for scamming me so badly for such a short ride that he accepts 3500 and carried my little backpack to the guest house door. Adrenaline pumping from the combination of being kicked off a bus at 4am in the middle of nowhere and being overcharged for a taxi, I call the lady confident in the lonely planets claims that she speaks English. Well the LP is wrong again, she does not.

Some back and forth later (me ranting in english, she raving in mongolian) and I find myself inside. Looks like I have a 5 bed dorm all to myself (yes!) and after a long, deliciously hot shower... I am ready for bed.