Saturday, August 29, 2015

one week later

Leaving ulaan bataar n the rickety bus to Kharkorin was the best thing I could have done for myself. The floundering crisis I found myself in the midst of 10 days ago has passed. Somewhere between days spent watching rivers flow and nights spend admiring the Mongolian countryside sky, my worries melted away. I felt within myself a strange sensation of lightness, a feeling vaguely familiar but long forgotten - peaceful happiness.

After ulaan batar I spent time in Kharkhorin (stayed at the best guesthouse ever, gayas guesthouse), shared a taxi to Tersiin Terkhin Nur, stayed in a ger by the lake, then visited Tariat as well where I found the most beautiful music and laughter and companionship.

I love it. I love the countryside. I love how quiet it is at night. I love the rivers, I love drinking from them. I love the lack of traffic. I love the horses sheep goats cows bulls yaks. I love waking up in my ger and looking up into the sky. I love afternoon naps on the grass in the Sun. I love sitting in my ger in the evening with a woodfire going. The lack of flush toilets and showers and electric heating seem like such minor inconveniences compared to these little everyday joys.

Today I am in Tsetserleg but tomorrow I will have to get back to ulaan baatar. Need to get warm clothes and a sleeping bag. After that... Who knows :)

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