Sunday, August 9, 2015

a little update

So here I am.. Finally in Russia. Honestly it doesnt feel like im on a long trip, I keep thinking ill be flying back next week back to work.

A little summary for future reference.

Day 1: arrive at Pulkovo airport at 1.40pm and promptly run into trouble with immigration bastards authorities. Then by the time I got to the baggage area the carousel number was not even displayed anymore. 30min queue, get my bag and by the time I got on the bus to the metro station it was around 5pm... Got off at the right metro stop for my hostel but then wandered 20 mins down the wrong street. Finally I found my hostel using GPS and a hot shower later wandered down Nevsky prospect before crashing. Amazing hostel by the way - Simple hostel Nevsky 78.

Day 2 - walked for a good 4 - 5 hours before succumbing to the heat and getting on a hop on hop off bus. Great bus tour! 600 rubles. Really interesting commentary, nice slow ride so I could take in everything from the comfort of a bus. Free dinner at the hostel - Russian pancakes with condensed milk. Odd but delicious.

Day 3 - 1.5 hr boat tour with anglotourismo, 1000roubles. Tour itself was ok but it was an open top boat and doing it at 12noon on a hot sunny day probably was not the best idea... Took the sapSan train to moscow, fabulous ride. Comfy and spacious, polite staff who spoke English, got a hot drink, bottled water, a sandwich and a biscuit included.

Day 4.. Walking tour at 10.30am, went with a girl I met at the hostel. Unfortunately had to be cut short because she fainted in the heat... Oh well there is still tomorrow and I was probably close to fainting as well. Had two (TWO!!) scoops of icecream. Pistachio and mango. What a holiday so far.

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