Tuesday, July 14, 2015

pre-trip musings

3 more weeks to go. I'm so excited to leave that I've actually started packing 3 weeks ahead.. this has never happened before. It is getting increasingly difficult to get up and go to work everyday, partly because it is boring but mostly because the end is so close i can almost feel it! Usually I do not prep much before a trip and rarely have I actually planned the sights i want to see weeks in advance but this time I just could not resist. So much trip advisoring and travel blog reading has been indulged in and, I've even come up with a detailed budget! Just couldn't resist. I think the last time I was looking forward to a trip this badly was in 2010 prior to the very first time I set off on my own to india. Plus it has been a long while since I've done a travelling kinda trip - so the painful memories of smelly noisy dorm rooms and days on chicken busses have faded away.. only leaving behind vague memories of that thrilling feeling of exploring new places and seeing things i could never have imagined. I miss that feeling.

3 weekends to go, 22 days to go!

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