Saturday, August 9, 2014

It's August already?!

This year so far has been pretty damn amazing, i have to say. Jam packed with action it feels like a whole year packed into half.

End of March I went to Timor Leste for my medical electives - one of the best experiences i've had so far. Amazing, beautiful country with amazing and equally if not more beautiful people, it deserves multiple blog posts to do my time there justice. But I'm a procrastinator and have just started working so a few pictures will have to do for now.

Timor Leste is also where i found out that i passed my final exams... and thus secured my escape from medical school and have been unleashed on the wards for about a week now. After elective, came holidays and... Myanmar!

Yangon... loved it!

Inwa near Mandalay.. beautiful little village

And then... I went back to boring old Leicester for a final (!!!) month of classes. A short 2 day getaway to Belgium... Lovely lovely Ghent and hmm Brussels which paled in comparison but definately an upgrade from Leicester. No pictures though!

After that, it was back to Malaysia. Got antsy sitting around at home and hence facilitated by airasia's cheap fares, I found myself in Hong Kong.

need i say more?
And then, i managed to squeeze in one final little break before returning to the UK..... Bali :)


Balangan beach...

I look at this post and feel so grateful.. somehow i've got so lucky this year to have enjoyed all of this in just a few months. Now i'm thoroughly satisfied and thoroughly, completely broke and penniless (as you can imagine after all this travelling)... back to work and counting down the days to that first paycheque :)