Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hi, 2014.

I rarely blog. Partly because i did not do much travelling this year, partly because im too lazy to blog while travelling, and partly because when im back home, im too busy watching tv shows to blog about where ive been. But everywhere online i read reflective posts on 2013 and so here is mine.

Last year... Pretty shit year to be honest. Borderline decent if compared to all the 23 years ive lived, but compared to 2012, definately shit.

January 2013 started off well enough in Luang Prabang. 7 days later i tearfully boarded a flight back to the UK, weeped a fair amount on the flight, and dragged my ass back to Leicester. In hindsight, all that reluctance was actually totally justified, since things pretty much went downhill from there.

Nothing particularly devastating happened in my personal life, but medicine really wore me to the ground. My self esteem took punch after punch with no half time to recover and by the time summer came around in late july, i had lost the match. It took me weeks of holidays before i felt somewhat normal and happy again. Problem is, holidays were only 3 weeks. By the time my wounds had healed, it was back to the boxing ring.

Somewhere between a flurry of portfolios, endless grillings, failed cannulations and bruised angry patients - 2013 passed me by.

And i am so bloody grateful it is over.

2014 plans

1. Final rotation - just 7 more weeks of being the medical student... WHOOP DE DOOP cause to celebrate thats for sure!

2. Finals - finally, the final exam i will have to sit. After this no exams for more than a year at least... MORE cause to fucking celebrate!

3. East Timor - ill be spending 5 weeks here for medical electives at bairo pite hospital. Gonna be tough work, as ill have to work 6 days a week till saturday 8-6, with half day sundays. But you know what - there would also be the beaches, tropical rains, seafood dinners, nasi ekonomi/nasi campur, hot tropical weather, smell of salty sea air - i am seriously looking forward to it!

4. 1 month of holiday before starting work. Its not a whole lot of time but its something, and i wont get any holidays like that for a long time afterwards so i intend to make the most out of it and go do something adventurous with myself.

5. End of july: time to bite the damn bullet and start work. Not looking forward to it, but glad my time as a junior doctor is coming soon so i can get it over with, and leave hospital life for a more human and more humane alternative career.

And thats that for 2014. Bring it on!