Thursday, October 3, 2013


A short train/bus ride away from the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina is Mostar, a beautiful town with a famous bridge and lots of bullet holes. I stayed at Hostel Denino, where i got a single room for myself for only 15euro.. with aircond! :) There was an awesome terrase with good views over the old town but lazy old me didnt get around to take a picture of it. Plus, the lady that runs the place makes really good coffee, which is almost all the reason i needed to stay there, pictured below:

There are lots of fun day trips from Mostar, and quite a few tours offered by guesthouses around town that sounded really good, but i didn't feel like rushing around Herzegovina in the heat all day on a tour, so chose to go to one place, Blagaj, by myself. 20 minutes bus ride away and...

Blagaj - another sleepy little small town with pretty springs/waterfalls and a bunch of caves. Here is where i tried figs, which were pretty darn cheap at 1 euro a box and so, so good.. spot the horse!

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