Saturday, August 3, 2013


This trip has been quite busy so far. Im writing this from Berlin right after happily checking out of my horrible hostel.. After this, the plan is to check out the thai food market and then head off to my hostel for the next two nights, jetpak eco lodge. Super excited!! :D

Picking up where i left off, from Bergen i got a bus to stavanger. That in itself was quite an experience as the bus involved two 20 minute ferry crossings where the bus drove on to the lower deck and we the passengers had to move to the upper deck.

The next day, i took a ferry to tau and from there transfered to a ferry to the preikestolen parking lot, the start of the hike. And what a hike it was! For a place that touristy, the trail was remarkably well preserved. The landscape along the 2 hr walk up was interesting and varied, from lakes to meadows to stony boulders to stone steps up along a stream.

No entrance fees to the park, just like the rest of norway. Transport from stavanger cost me 250nok return and took about an hour each way.

Overall, it wasnt a particularly difficult hike but if some of the less fit people (myself included!) might huff and puff and moan and whine on the way up... But i got up there in the end to be rewarded with a view so beautiful it looked downright fake.

Around 615, got the bus back with great reluctance... It would have been beyond amazing to set up camp up there overnight. But i had to return to my comfy room and be content with the awesome day i just had.

Places like this remind me why i travel.


  1. A friend like you & place like that always remind me of travelling ;)

    1. Aww so sweet hehe!! I hope we can travel together again sumday...