Monday, August 12, 2013

Dream a little dream...

My backpack feels light today, suspiciously so. A quick check - no items missing. Could it be, just maybe, possibly, tentatively that my shoulders and back have gotten stronger from lugging the bulgy grey illpacked bag around? Woohoo :)

A week left before i return to my studio flat. Small, infested with giant spiders, rats, mice and most recently under siege from hordes of flies. But still, my own little space of relative comfort and privacy.

Kinda looking forward to it. Looking forward to cooking up a storm - nasi lemak, aubergine sambal, stir fried pakchoy, fluffy omellette and some fried anchovies to go with it all - and stuffing my face while curled up in bed with true blood playing on my laptop.

I've made myself hungry. Time for lunch!

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