Sunday, July 28, 2013

Norway.. Finally!

I've been wanting to visit Norway for quite some time now and after countless hours of drooling over google images of fjords and mountains... I'm finally here! :)

This time on a three week break from the chronic torment that is medical school, the plan is to start off in Norway and fly back from Split in Croatia, hopefully after checking out Bosnia, which is another country that has been on the to-do list for far too long now.

So i arrived in Oslo yesterday, promptly got lost on the way to the hostel and ended up unintentionally, thoroughly sightseeing the city along the way. Anker hostel was pretty decent actually. It's in an area thats more colourful and culturally vibrant than usual (meaning vaguely dodgy) but at least it was clean and spacious.

Today i took the 7 hour train from Oslo to Bergen. Absolutely stunning scenery, completely worth the numb butt and sore knees. Got lost again from the train station to my hostel, which is a remarkable feat because the hostel is very close to the station. It is so close that i can get coverage for the hostel wifi in the train station!

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