Monday, July 29, 2013

Mount Floyen, Bergen

Initially the plan for today was to get to Mt Ulriken, one of the 7 mountains surrounding Bergen, and from there walk along the Vidden trail to Mt Floyen, another one of the 7. But unfortunately, a quick enquiry at the tourist office revealed that 'due to strong winds, mt Ulriken is closed'.

It felt more like a gentle breeze to me, but closed is closed, so a change of plans. I ended up just walking up and around Mt Floyen. Nice, beautiful walk through parks and the forest brought me to the viewing platform.

Now, i was alone most of the time during my walk up, and so i was feeling quite prematurely pleased with the non-touristyness of my timing. My delusion didnt last long though. Reached the viewpoint, and i had stepped out of a quiet trail into a massive crowd, all gawking at the truly awesome view.

I must have somehow walked up the unpopular route then, the longer or more tedious route. But it certainly didnt feel that way. The fact that a lazy ass couch potato like me managed to get up there without too much huffing and puffing makes me question the appropriateness of calling Floyen a 'mount'.

After taking a million different photos of the same view and wandering around a bit, i walked back down to the city center by a different route, not quite sure where i was so just picked the path going downhill. Amazing views at every corner once again. Such a wonderful way to spend a Monday afternoon.

Quite dissappointed that i couldnt get to do the longer hike i wanted to do, but there will always be another time.

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