Monday, July 29, 2013

Mount Floyen, Bergen

Initially the plan for today was to get to Mt Ulriken, one of the 7 mountains surrounding Bergen, and from there walk along the Vidden trail to Mt Floyen, another one of the 7. But unfortunately, a quick enquiry at the tourist office revealed that 'due to strong winds, mt Ulriken is closed'.

It felt more like a gentle breeze to me, but closed is closed, so a change of plans. I ended up just walking up and around Mt Floyen. Nice, beautiful walk through parks and the forest brought me to the viewing platform.

Now, i was alone most of the time during my walk up, and so i was feeling quite prematurely pleased with the non-touristyness of my timing. My delusion didnt last long though. Reached the viewpoint, and i had stepped out of a quiet trail into a massive crowd, all gawking at the truly awesome view.

I must have somehow walked up the unpopular route then, the longer or more tedious route. But it certainly didnt feel that way. The fact that a lazy ass couch potato like me managed to get up there without too much huffing and puffing makes me question the appropriateness of calling Floyen a 'mount'.

After taking a million different photos of the same view and wandering around a bit, i walked back down to the city center by a different route, not quite sure where i was so just picked the path going downhill. Amazing views at every corner once again. Such a wonderful way to spend a Monday afternoon.

Quite dissappointed that i couldnt get to do the longer hike i wanted to do, but there will always be another time.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Norway.. Finally!

I've been wanting to visit Norway for quite some time now and after countless hours of drooling over google images of fjords and mountains... I'm finally here! :)

This time on a three week break from the chronic torment that is medical school, the plan is to start off in Norway and fly back from Split in Croatia, hopefully after checking out Bosnia, which is another country that has been on the to-do list for far too long now.

So i arrived in Oslo yesterday, promptly got lost on the way to the hostel and ended up unintentionally, thoroughly sightseeing the city along the way. Anker hostel was pretty decent actually. It's in an area thats more colourful and culturally vibrant than usual (meaning vaguely dodgy) but at least it was clean and spacious.

Today i took the 7 hour train from Oslo to Bergen. Absolutely stunning scenery, completely worth the numb butt and sore knees. Got lost again from the train station to my hostel, which is a remarkable feat because the hostel is very close to the station. It is so close that i can get coverage for the hostel wifi in the train station!