Tuesday, March 12, 2013

trek day 3.. Ghorepani to Tadapani

I'm on outblock again!!! What this means is that my lovely university sends about 6 of us students out of leicester to some usually god forsaken place in the middle of nowhere to learn how to pretend to be a doctor....

Which means I've now been banished to Burton for 6 weeks. Internet here is awful and they have blocked almost every non-boring website so comprehensively that even the pop up ads are blocked from display. I'm extremely bored so when I am not binge eating to kill time, I find myself looking through pictures of happier days. 

Which is why this blog is suddenly experiencing a sharp surge in post frequency.

Day 3 of the trek. Only one day left to post about then i'll finally stop with the endless mountain pictures.

not a bad view from our room

room for the night...

the descent!

cute looking donkey :)

another night, another lodge- surrounded by unreal looking mountains.

frozen waterfall

village of Tadapani

so cute!  Wish i could have brought one home..

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