Wednesday, March 6, 2013


So, the dreaded IPE exams finally ended last week. It went spectacularly bad - i thought this elderly guy had a pulmonary embolism when he actually had... a heart attack (yes, when it comes to medicine i am spectacularly stupid). Spent a day or two moaning in bed about how I've really fucked up this time, then I went off to Zagreb, Croatia for a long weekend break.

Zagreb and Plitvice especially were incredibly beautiful. The cold didn't matter so much as the sky was this gorgeous shade of deep blue every day I was there without a single cloud in sight. Few things make me sigh inwardly with pleasure like the sight of clear blue skies. It struck me that I prefer nature on a sunny winter's day than summer, because there is something so inexplicably interesting about looking up and seeing streaks of blue through barren branches. Summer is too hot, humid and the leaves block the view. Of course, I have many repetitive pictures of the same blue sky which I shall flood this blog with soon enough.

Classes officially started last Monday but I have been a lazy cat... It's Wednesday afternoon and I find myself in my cozy bed looking through holiday pictures and very actively refusing to do anything that would require using my brain. I've called in sick for 3 days now and it feels awesome. Unfortunately, tomorrow my hibernation comes to an end as I've been banished to Burton-on-trent for 7 weeks for my obs and gyne posting... Lots of bloody, mucus covered, screaming babies to come over the next few weeks.

Because of exams and general laziness I have yet to finish uploading pictures of Nepal from my trip there last December. So here is Pokhara in winter:

misty morning view from 3sisters lodge

My first night in Pokhara I stayed at the 3Sisters Lodge. My verdict? Better, cheaper places around. Breakfast is great since you can order from the menu but apart from that... meh. Rooms were alright but it was seriously quiet, being low season and all. The owners kept pushing me to buy things/services from them as well that after awhile I figured that i'm better off not asking them any questions as the answer would inevitably be: "Buy it from us!!!!"

I went on a track with them as well, and stayed there one night after I returned. The day after that, I went off in search of a better place to stay and ended up at Hotel Sakura. This place was also almost deserted, but at least my room had a better view, cable tv and much cheaper at 800rs! I watched 'home alone' that night, if anyone is interested to know...

Pictured below is my hotel sakura bed. One of the perks of travelling alone, no roommate to piss off when I shake my backpack upside down in search of some elusive item, throw all my stuff around and make a mess of the room.

Ganesh on a latch.

bus park? possibly...

Multiple similar pictures of the same blue boats on the same calm lake under the same blue sky. If you get bored, I understand...


  1. did you tried out the paragliding?? wanna try but it was cloudy when i went.. hmmph >.<

  2. No, i didn't. Not sure why haha :D Well then there's your excuse to go again!