Sunday, January 20, 2013


I just heard lots of honking outside. Probably because of the snow, but the sounds immediately transported me back to kathmandu. Suddenly reminded of my evenings in Sanu's House where i'd sit in the library around 5ish with a good book and a pot of hot masala tea, listening to the sounds of incessant honking coming from the ring road in front of the guesthouse. I'd be starving and just waiting for it to be 6.30, so that I could head to the kitchen and have Sarita's amazing homecooked dinner. It was just something like 150rs per meal of vegetarian daalbhaat but it tasted so damn good and the number of  free refills I shamelessly helped myself to, i'm surprised she didn't kick me out of her guesthouse.

You know what, I even miss the honking.

Anyway, my second last day there I headed to Bhaktapur. Got on the right bus, got off at the correct stop (Suryabinayak) but then i immediately walked in the wrong direction. Mixed up my lefts and rights again..

Bhaktapur's a very interesting place, most visitors say it's like stepping back in time and i have to agree. Very quaint, full of nooks and crannies crammed with surprises, and despite the package tour groups going camera crazy in its Durbar Square, Bhaktapur as a whole is untouristy and has a genuinely authentic feel to it. Definitely worth a peep and a wander, despite the slightly pricey admission fee.

A few pictures.

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