Friday, August 24, 2012

5 pictures of the summer

The only pictures I have of Morocco and Spain.

I wouldn't have even these pictures if not for my mother who demanded for pictures of me while traveling, so I emailed these to her..

From the rooftop of the hostel in Marrakech:

The view was actually a lot nicer than that, but the nice pictures were in my camera. Riad Iazzane, stayed in a dorm room so it was about 4 euros a night. Lovely place run by trustworthy, friendly people, although the staff had a mild tendency to go missing just when you needed them. Plus they gave me some decent advice on touts.. since I got scammed the moment I got off the airport bus.

This one was taken at Borj Nord in Fez. Our tour guide turned out to be a man who spoke no english - so the tour was more like a taxi ride from place to place. But since they were all gorgeous places, that's fine.
The castle ruins in Fez are a bit out of the way, but the amazing views are well worth the taxi ride there.

Fez medina

I don't usually post pictures of myself, but when you have got all of 5 pictures to choose from... there is hardly a choice. This was in Palacio Viana in Cordoba, a beautiful palace famous for courtyards. Hardly a palace, in fact, more gardens than anything, but such beautiful gardens. Spent hours in there and I would happily go back..

I should also add here that I found Cordoba to be an amazing little city to visit with enough sights and lots of gorgeous little winding streets to wander around. Many people do it on a day trip and see little more than the Mezquita (ancient pagan temple turned mosque turned cathedral) but it really is worth a lot more time than that.


Spot the flamingos!
Funky looking building is the City of Arts and Sciences. I felt that the Science Museum was fantastic and a lot of fun but the Oceanography (aquarium) was slightly disappointing. Its also depressing in the same way of a zoo.  


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