Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What happened next..

As gorgeous as Milan was, the rest of my days in Italy was plagued with hordes of tourists. I literally couldn't walk 5 minutes without stumbling into yet another huge tour group. It was getting extremely crowded, hot and I wasn't enjoying myself. So, despite the fact that everyone says that they loveddd Italy, I decided that if I am having less of a good time than I'd like, I'm going to leave. Bought a last minute cheapie from ryanair, and flew out of Venice. Italy, I'll come back in winter when I don't have to share the beauty with a million other people.

I got back to Leicester, spent a very satisfying day watching movies and eating icecream, then went ahead and booked tickets for Poland. I still had 5 days before I had to get to Morocco and a bit tough to eat icecream for 5 days.

So I flew in to Wroclaw, flew out of Krakow and in the process discovered a country that I never would have guessed to be so beautiful and interesting.

Tomorrow.. it would be finally time for my long awaited flight to Marrakech, Morocco! A visa that was bloody difficult to get, holidays that are precious in their scarcity, I've wanted this for a long time now and now it's here. 

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  1. wow...you're getting around :) Morocco sounds amazing. I can't wait to read about it.