Thursday, June 7, 2012

Budapest day one

Szent Istvan
We spent 5days in Budapest. Was it too much? Did we get bored? Far from it. 

First night was meant to be spent in 2night hostel on szent istvan street, but they messed up our booking and didn't have a room for us when we showed up. Not very impressive, but it happens. This however turned out to be a blessing in disguise as they sent us off to another hostel nearby (Bell hostel) which was sooo much nicer than 2night.

Bell hostel is actually a wee bit pricier than some of the cheap backpacker places in Budapest, but if you have the cash to spare, it is worth it. Clean, quiet, amazing location, well furnished, so comfortable and so much of privacy. 

We got the attic room at the very top of the building, so stick your head out of the slanting window and you'll be looking at the roof - bottom left of the pic above. This also meant very nice views at night since Budapest seems to be illuminated in this warm golden light at night. No harsh fluorescence lamps for them..

Buda as seen from Pest!
We didn't do anything much that day, just a nice filling meal cooked in the hostel and a long walk along the Duna/Danube, into Vaci utca and the surrounding area...

one of the many gorgeous bridges along the river

the compulsory cheesy sun-on-water photo

The Parliament

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