Tuesday, June 12, 2012

buda of budapest

Previously there was a narcissistic little rant here about this and that irrelevant thing, first world problems that are embarrassing enough that I decided to grow a brain and delete my childish complaints. I can be so ungrateful sometimes. 

So - Budapest day two!

Because I left hostel bookings to the last minute, I couldn't find a place that would accommodate us for all 4 nights which meant we stayed in Bell hostel the first night, 2nd night at Honey hostel and last 2 nights at Rodza's Apartments.. All 4 were beyond awesome but I'll just rave about Honey hostel in this post. Location was alright, not as amazing as the other two, but still an acceptable walk to the tram stop. Room was huge, you could have fit two double beds and a sofa in the room and still find it spacious, lovely big windows, only 3 (or was it 4?) rooms in the whole hostel which is always nice. No breakfast included but nice fancy teas, lovely vibe to the place, amazing homemade honey, super clean, loads of privacy and quiet, all for one of the cheapest prices for double rooms in budapest city center... plus they did our laundry for free, which melted my heart and warmed my soul, me being the cheapskate that I am.

Maybe I should write more about what we did, but I am so very tired. Besides, Budapest is more of a wandering around city..

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