Sunday, May 13, 2012


Included in the Salzburg card is a ride on the cable car up Untersberg, the mountain in the village of Grodig just outside the city. Bus ride there is also included in the card, so off I went. The bus ride there took about 30 mins ..
cable car station

And off we go!

After some absolutely stunning scenery that I didn't take pictures off (because I'm stupid and thought it would look even nicer higher up), it suddenly started to look like this...

Before long, it got so foggy that you couldn't see anything, and all you could see was this...
lines disappearing into fog
So the 2nd half of the ride was in complete fog, where you couldn't see a single thing looking out from the cabin.. It all felt quite surreal, to be honest.

Then we reached, I walked out of the station on top, and find this:

ermmm that's a lot of ice...
Walked around in the fog a bit..

couldn't see beyond a few meters ahead

Plodded around in the ice a bit, then went back into the cable car station and took the next ride down.

the hills are aliveeee
Walked along the canal (small river? large stream?) that runs behind the station and then got a bus out of there.

shortly before it started to rain like mad


  1. Eeeeek I hate you! Awesome life u got there!

  2. lol i've got lots of shit weather here in england to compensate for fun weekend trips!

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