Sunday, May 13, 2012


Included in the Salzburg card is a ride on the cable car up Untersberg, the mountain in the village of Grodig just outside the city. Bus ride there is also included in the card, so off I went. The bus ride there took about 30 mins ..
cable car station

And off we go!

After some absolutely stunning scenery that I didn't take pictures off (because I'm stupid and thought it would look even nicer higher up), it suddenly started to look like this...

Before long, it got so foggy that you couldn't see anything, and all you could see was this...
lines disappearing into fog
So the 2nd half of the ride was in complete fog, where you couldn't see a single thing looking out from the cabin.. It all felt quite surreal, to be honest.

Then we reached, I walked out of the station on top, and find this:

ermmm that's a lot of ice...
Walked around in the fog a bit..

couldn't see beyond a few meters ahead

Plodded around in the ice a bit, then went back into the cable car station and took the next ride down.

the hills are aliveeee
Walked along the canal (small river? large stream?) that runs behind the station and then got a bus out of there.

shortly before it started to rain like mad

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Salzburg part one

To be honest, I had no clue where Salzburg was until a few weeks ago when it was the only ryanair destination that had friday evening- monday morning flights from an airport near me. But it wasn't too expensive for a flight booked weeks before and I'll be damned if I was going to let this precious bank holiday slide past me without doing something, so Salzburg it was! This also means that I had zero expectations, didn't know about the sound of music/Mozart thing until the last moment, and hence was easily impressed by everything I saw.

View fr the Fortress

intimidating looking puppets

quiet corner of the fortress

As a general rule, I love mountains. For the first time in my life I was seeing snow capped mountains. I loved this place already! Almost everywhere you go you'll be surrounded by mountains. It felt like a city in the middle of a ring of mountains, not all snow capped but mostly very pleasing to look at.

salzburg from the river Salzach :)

Taken from inside the hostel, hence the M
The hostel turned out to be more of a hotel than anything else. It was extremely clean, extremely new and very comfortable. Every bed had it's own reading light and socket thingy, there was a little table with stools, and even a tv in the room! Meininger Hostel, would definitely stay there again if I go back.

some ceremony at the Official Residenz

crowd of tourist on the steps, all huddling together to get THE perfect shot of Mirabell gardens

random horsie, Mirabell gardens
also the gardens

Somewhere in the Alstadt/old town

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I bought the two day Salzburg card for 34 euros and I must say it was amazing value, since it offers free entry to almost all the sights and on all public transport for 48hours! At the end of the trip I calculated that without the card, I would have spent almost 70 euros on sights and transport, and I didn't even do that much sight seeing to begin with, just an extremely relaxed 2 days visiting the fortress, Hellbrunn Palace, Untersberg mountain plus the cable car up there, Mozart's residence, and hours spent walking around.. So yes, if you are reading this and plan to go to Salzburg, get the Salzburg card. It's well worth it.