Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Bone Chapel, Faro

When I impulsively ran off to Portugal one rainy weekend a month ago, I never expected to see something like this. Capela de Ossos; a chapel built entirely of bones. Bizarre, spooky and very interesting.

Creepy pictures ahead:

say hellooo

let's play 'guess the bone'

trabecular bone?

look at the symmetry!

head of femur?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

ireland and tiersen

Newly discovered Yann Tiersen song: Le Quartier. It's amazing to listen to, makes you feel like you should be doing some kind of strange fast arabic dance, and is very addictive. Definitely worth clicking that play button.

The reason I went to Ireland was to watch his show. Turns out Dublin is only a 45 minute flight away, and if booked early something crazy cheap like 25 pounds two ways. Crashed at a friends place, which is always nice. 

the prison from inside

prison from outside
The only touristy place I went to in Dublin was the Kilmenheim Gaol/prison. 2 euros for students, inclusive of an hour long tour. Now, I'm not a big fan of tours, since I have the attention span of a fruit fly and tend to zone off after a few seconds of hearing someone talk. This is why sometimes people think I'm a good listener, although the truth is I'm just too distracted contemplating dinner to interrupt you. 

Anyway, the jail tour - totally worth it. Even I found it interesting and informative, a rare combination. Prison itself, very interesting to have a look around, and the museum was also interesting (and informative).

the awkward moment when you realize a prison cell is bigger than your own room.

what they used to shoot the prisoners (mugshots)

After a quick walk around, gelato in cold weather, and spending money I don't have on shopping, twas time! for the concerto! 

fancy lighting

even more strobe lights
My laziness knows no bounds, so these 2 pictures are all I have of Mr. Tiersen. The concert was... alright. It was a bit strange listening to a rock version of Amelie, and some of the rock songs just had too much screaming to be enjoyable to me, but he did play the violin a couple of times, and played it magnificently enough that the bow hairs were flying all over the place. The man sawed the poor instrument into dust, so very enjoyable stuff to watch. 

The next day, I got on a train to Galway. No pictures of Galway because 1. weather was gloomy as hell 2. I hurt my knee and was limping like dr house, being stared at by everyone, so couldn't be bothered to take pictures. 

The next day, I got on a bus to go visit the cliffs of Moher. It was too foggy so halfway through the bus driver decided to detour from the cliffs and give us all a tour of Irish countryside. Very beautiful stuff.

somewhere random

happiness on a plate
Now, that one plate of crab in a pub was amazing enough to satisfy all the seafood cravings I have been harbouring since months. It felt like coming home. In fact, it felt like heaven. 3 hours on the bus later, it felt slightly nauseating. Then I had what was possibly the nicest, most satisfying cup of coffee in another Irish pub run by two Thai ladies. Cure to nausea? Coffee.


still foggy

pretty but gloomy

All in all, too much fog. For a sun addict like me, it was getting to be a bit too much and if I'm completely honest, when I stepped off the plane into sunny Leicester on sunday morning, I was relieved as hell. I thought spring was coming but that sunny sunday was just a teaser of sorts, stupid uk weather. It's now friday and I haven't seen the sun in days.