Thursday, February 2, 2012


You can never overestimate the importance of good food to a place. Leicester isn't exactly known for food, and apart from Indian takeaways, I can't think of a single meal I had in the past 5 months there that I can truthfully say is spectacular. And honestly, there is only so much vindaloo I can have before I get mad bored. This is probably why I enjoyed my time in Spain. I didn't take much food pictures, since I was too busy stuffing my face.

Murcia was where the gluttony on a budget started, when I found this pastry shop with the most delicious looking things for 2 euros or less. I still don't know what exactly it is that I had, but I remember how good it was. Apart from food, the city itself was very dodgy around the bus stop areas where I arrived at night (I got followed), very cheerful and cutesy during the night (I felt like I had walked into Stars Hollow, you'll get what I mean if you watch Gilmore Girls), and the next day, it was slightly gloomy. No tourists go there which meant 2 things: 1. I got stared at a lot 2. food was good and cheap.

I got lazy to book ahead for the hostel and thought of just walking in when I arrived, which would have worked fine, except that no one was at the hostel. After using up almost all my credit on gprs roaming trying to find the phone number online while standing outside in the cold, the owners tell me they can get there in 30 minutes. Meanwhile, the over friendly old grandpa who was hanging around got very excited when he found out I was traveling alone, and started to get a wee bit touchy feely and a bit too huggy and kissy when he realised the hostel owners weren't in. Call me picky, but wrinkles and cataracts is where I draw the line. So I made my escape into a candy shop to wait safely away from the reach of persistent septuagenarians. It was worth the trouble, as Le Cathedral hostel was brilliant, clean and gorgeous, if slightly empty and a bit expensive at 17euros a night.

Some gloomy looking pictures.

outside the cathedral

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