Friday, February 24, 2012

Portugese Getaway

Every day I learn something new about myself. The latest is that I am not made for weekend trips. Got to Faro yesterday, which turned out to be as deserted as it gets, but there was sun and so that was good. Up till this morning I found myself checking uni email, emailing people at the med school to sort out things for next week while on the train journey from Faro to Lisbon, and feeling wound up as a clock. Now I feel much calmer, am on my way to forgetting the password to my uni email, and generally getting into the rhythm of things. Sunday afternoon I will probably be vegging out on the beach under the sun glorious sun (which we dont have in Leicester), feeling as relaxed as I could be and probably would have forgotten how many lungs we have by then. Then it would be time to get on the flight, come back home, and 8am on Monday - rush to the hospital, feeling like I have mush for brain and all that.

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