Saturday, February 11, 2012


I loved Granada.

The above picture is taken somewhere in the free parts of the Alhambra, which is the main reason people visit Granada in the first place. You can get there by a very obvious bus, or you can walk if you don't mind uphill slopes. The walk up through the park (sign posted from the old quarter, Alcaizin) is especially beautiful. If you are feeling especially broke or cheap (and you shouldn't be since ticket prices aren't too steep) then there's always the free parts to see.

By the way, don't be a fool like me and spend 3 days in this place. Stay longer and do visit the Palace of the Nazaries at night. According to a kebab seller (the most reliable sources of tourist information in any place, trust me!), the night visit is well worth it. The chicken kebab was pretty kick ass, so I'm inclined to believe his opinion on things.

during a walk down from who knows where. the path looked nice and so down I went.

view from my hostel room balcony. 

Itenere Hostel, best hostel ever. I'm probably going to say that about 2 more hostels after this, but I mean it. I accidentally got myself a private triple room with aforementioned awesome balcony for 15 euros, so maybe I'm a little biased. I did stay in the dorm for one night, and it was amazing as far as dorms go - private shelf for each bed, single beds spaced far apart, ensuite bathroom, warm blankets, super cosy bed and pillows, plus if you are cold, you would appreciate the really good heating.

Even the railway station had to have a nice view. Don't be fooled by the crappy picture, it looked so more beautiful in real life.

Cathedral wall

Alcaizin (old quarter)

walk up through the park to the Alhambra

 view as I had my lunch

repetitive picture in case you tried to skip looking at the one above

This is toastada con tomate. Don't order it. It is simply disgusting. Get toastada con mermelada instead, jam was always really good.

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