Friday, January 20, 2012

Uno Cervazo!

The hostel I am staying at, El Tajo Backpackers has to be one of my favourite hostels I stayed in. The scenery from the patio or balcony is nothing short of amazing. For the past two mornings, I wake up late feeling so hungry, make coffee and toast with the best marmalade I´ve ever tasted, and take it all outside. Then I sit in the sun and have a 2 hour breakfast while enjoying what could only be one of the nicest views in this town. There´s a deep gorge (what Ronda is famous for, I will post a picture later, or you can google image it) separating the hostel and the Puerto Nuevo/bridge where all the tourists are taking pictures. There is always live music playing somewhere and we all know that nothing goes with marmalade and coffee like spanish guitar. I cannot quite describe how amazing it has been to spend all those mindless hours out there being a vegetable in the sun, especially with jamon (spanish cured ham, so good!) and beer, and feeling like I must be dreaming or something coz it seems like more of a painting than anything that could be real. 

 In summer the super chilled out guys running this place are planning to set up a splashing pool in the patio with hammocks and sun beds, so that would be even more fun. Right across the street (32 Calle Virjen De Los Remedios) there is a tapas bar that sells tapas for 75cents per plate (you read that right, not even one euro for a plate of food!) and uno cervazo is only 1 euro!  So yeah, I loved it here. I would love to hang around for much longer, but since my trip is so short and there is so much more I want to see, today I am off to Cadiz, a city that is famous for flamenco and seafood.

Most people come to Ronda on a day trip. If you are reading this and are planning to visit this lovely little pueblo blanco/white town, stay longer, coz you will love it.

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