Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Its hard to believe I´ve been here 3 days already by now?! Staying one more night until tomorrow when I have to get a bus to Malaga.. Feeling rather reluctant to leave since I´m just getting all comfy and settled in here.. We all went to watch a flamenco show last night. The bar it was at didn´t charge for anything other than drinks and local beer was being sold by the litre, so that was fun. Flamenco was surprisingly moving. This was followed by going to yet another place that sold drinks by the litre. 1 litre of mojito was 4euros (?!?!), so that was pretty nice too. Some of the local people in the bar was quite fascinated by us tourists, one of them turned out to be a digestive surgeon. Great. Monday night, 3 am, bar that sells alcohol by the litres and who do you meet there but a surgeon. Plus he had to work the next day. Well, let´s just say that I was glad my digestives are doing fine and don´t need any immediate surgery in this place.. So today, plans are to visit the cathedral and the palace, can´t remember the name. Thinking of watching more flamenco tonight but lets see how it goes.

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