Sunday, January 22, 2012

a minor scare

So, after the previously delirious with happiness post, things went rapidly downhill. I got to Cadiz, started peeing what seemed like scary amounts of blood and puking. Plus not only was the hostel not heated, it was colder inside the hostel than outside. Self diagnosed myself with a urinary tract infection, and found a pharmacy the next day. Pharmacist said 'a little' in response to me asking her if she knows english but she didn't know the word urinary tract infection, so it took a bit of creative sign languaging on my behalf but we achieved an understanding eventually and she sold me a course of the appropriate antibiotics without a precription for 2.5 euros. Some aggressive hydration since then plus too much rest, and I am feeling much better today. Just got to Seville a while ago, liking it so far. The fact that this awesome hostel comes with free food and not just for breakfast, makes things just nicer. Hammock in the sun on the fourth floor terrace is very appealing as well. Barbeque tonight for just 5 euros, flamenco show and tapas tour tomorrow. The coming few days here is going to be enjoyable, I can just feel it..


  1. omg self diagnosed UTI!!! hope u are fine now... take good care of yourself kay.. :))
    *get well soon* me pray

    1. yup im perfectly fine now, thanks :) shit happens i guess or in my case, uti lol..