Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Left Seville today after 4 days. Not a very nice feeling to have to leave, since i had stayed long enough (and spent enough time chilling in the hostel) to be friends with the people there and my hostel buddies, one of which is going to get a room there to rent...

anyway, im in malaga now. okay place i guess, nice to walk around, as less touristy as it could get.. had a disastrous dinner as my chicken nuggets from the supermarket turned out to be disgusting.. then spent the rest of night chilling in the common area with supermarket wine with the other people staying here.. everything is very chilled and it hit me how unwound i had become when someone showed me this book, and i read out the title as ´Five´when the title is really ´evie´. A

also, yesterday i was trying to say out the acronym for ´blown by the wind´and had a hard time remembering the first alphabets of each word. i guess all the sun has sufficiently fried my brains.. this sudden inability to spell might be a tiny issue if i have to do resits ah but well can´t be arsed about those right now.. i came on this trip to unwind and im swaying in front of this comp like a tree, so i definitely managed to unwind... so. big day tomorrow.

Come what may, at least i know i´ll always have southern spain, with too much cervazo, cheap wine and sangria, jamon, albondegas (meatballs), patatas fritas (crisps), afternoon naps, lying on benches in the sun, and just chilling out.. all that i ever needed, wanted and just a little bit more.

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