Monday, January 16, 2012


So here I am, in Murcia. After missing a flight, then having trouble with my boarding pass and having to pay a 40 pound fine for something that was not my fault to begin with (ryan air, how I dislike you), I am actually here. Yesterday I went climbing up some castle in Alicante, and because of my entirely useless sense of direction, spent hours walking in circles uphill and downhill trying to get out of the Old Quarter. That could be why my calves are in such pain today, I can hardly walk without feeling calf cramps that could cripple an elephant. Thankfully the overpriced but lovely hostel I am staying in currently has internet. It is low season, so me and another student who is staying temporarily while looking for an apartment have got the place to ourselves. She is from England and is very much... English. If you have been talking to me in the past few months, then you would know what I mean when i say that. Otherwise, I shall not elaborate here, coz who knows who is reading this thing.

Anyway, Murcia is a small town that gets next to no tourists, which probably explains why everyone stares at me everywhere I go. It is a bit like Leicester. No sunshine today as well, just the winter cold. I limped my way to the Santa Maria Cathedral a while ago. It was awe inspiring, beautiful and also slightly creepy at the same time. Very breath taking and all that, but I definitely did not feel a need to hang around. Later today I will have to hobble my way to the bus station and hop on a bus to Granada. Excited, as it seems more interesting than where i am now, but reluctant as well, since my stupid legs are failing on me. Oh well, maybe the 3.5 hour bus journey would be sufficient rest for the built up lactic acid to break down. I am not entirely sure why exactly I am going to Granada, especially since it is a cold place and the whole purpose of this vacation is to escape from the cold, but then again when have I ever been sure the reasoning behind my actions.

Food has been really good so far. I am not sure what exactly I have been eating, but since I just point at some random food item and try it out, but no culinary disasters as of yet. Hostels and transport from place to place is turning out to be way more expensive than I had estimated. At least street musicians here seem to be doing quite well, so there is a fall back option for $$$ right there. One of them decided to play Love Story on his accordion on loop, continuously for about 4 hours right outside my room window. Such stamina.

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