Wednesday, January 18, 2012

brief and pointless update

I think I fell in love with Granada. I felt positively sad that I had to leave today, but hostelworld bookings had been made and I had to leave it to get to where I am now, Ronda. I wasn´t expecting to love Granada, because it sounded touristy, but it is gorgeous or what. Definitely one of those places I would love to live at for a while. The bus journey there from Murcia was a bit of a shocker as we encountered a snow storm along the way. It was the first time in my life I was seeing snow and what a lovely way to see it for the first time, thickly blanketing the most gorgeous valleys I have ever seen. Today´s train to Ronda also went along some amazing landscapes. Unfortunately I was too hungover from last night (1 euro shots, how I love this country!) to fully enjoy the scenery as I was too busy trying not to puke. Never have been happier to get out of a train than I was today. Hostels have been expensive so far, but ridiculously comfortable (except the hostel in Alicante which had such lousy heating I slept wearing my winter coat and scarf). Most people are nice, some rude people here and there, but that is just to be expected of any place I guess. According to the lonely planet, ronda is supposedly full of ernest hemingway types, but unless ernest hemingway has a deep love for massive construction works, I don´t think so. The view from my hostel is gorgeous though, so I guess I just have not explored the pretty parts. After a slow start, I feel like I am fully living again after such a long time! It is a great feeling and I hope things continue to go as enjoyably :)

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