Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I wasn't even planning to come to this city. Initially, I didn't even know where it was, or that it existed in the 1st place. 

But thanks to a rare combination of Ryan Air misfortune and my own vague stupidity, I missed my flight to Malaga and ended up on a flight to Alicante the next day. Although that made it ridiculously expensive getting here, I loved this city, so not all was lost.

I suppose this is what they call beachfront development

castle wall graffiti

walking up the castillo (castle)

castillo walls visible on top of that monstrous looking rock/hill

look, sand! my happiness of being at a beach after 5 long months.

walking up the castillo/lunch spot

spot the eagle!

bullring from a distance

graffiti and a trashcan

somewhere around the Old Quarter

Food was random grocery store junk so no recommendations. Hostel was "X Hostel Alicante" which is supposedly the party hostel in town. Maybe in summer, but when I was there the only party I had was with my winter coat and my scarf as the room had no heating and no other guests.

I had quite a few conversations on this day that went like this:

Me: 'Bus?' pointing in a direction
Spanish person: 'Boooos?' looks confused
Me: 'No. Bus!'
Spanish person: Sign languages 'I don't know' and walks away. 

That's how I learnt that 'bus' in spanish is 'autoboos' and 'station' is 'estacion'. It proved to be a highly useful lesson. I doubt you care, but train could be 'Renfe' (the company itself) or 'ferrocarril'. 

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