Saturday, September 24, 2011

I'm Still Here

autumn's coming!

University road

the park right next to the prison

rainy days are ahead of us

retail therapy

generic UK city

To all you (few) people who still check this blog every now and then, hi! I'm not dead or anything, just been busy relocating to another country. I'm currently in Leicester, and if you are from the outside of England, you probably don't have a clue where that is. No worries, even I still have trouble pointing it out on a map.

So, I'm stressed as hell here, it's just been 2 weeks since classes started and already my workload is insane! Most of the time I'm tempted to dig a hole and bury my head in it till all this (meaning, exams) just disappears but since that's not a very practical thing to do, I end up telling myself that exams are just exams, and exams can be passed with the right amount and right kind of studying. I'm also often tempted to start ranting about the high fail rate and the high pass mark, but I try to tell myself that doing so would be pointless and I should just carry on with my work as usual.

More depressing news: I found out that the longest holidays I would have over the next 3 years is one month long, and that is only if I pass this paper in January. So much for my 3 month summer backpacking plans. So kids, if any of you reading this is planning to go study medicine, DON'T. You'll be stuck going to hospitals and studying during summers when all your engineering friends are partying their life away.

However, there's always a sliver of light in all this doom and gloom. There are always weekends and there is always Ryanair. So hopefully, if I manage to work my ass off during the weekdays, I'll be able to squeeze in an exotic European weekend getaway, or two.

So that's it then. I've got to get back to being library furniture.


  1. my longest holiday is one month too! so unfair right..

  2. Yes, there's always ryanair and easyjet...I was working a lot when I was living in London but always managed to find a few days off to escape to Paris or to Scotland or Ireland...buon viaggio! :)