Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pictures of Hoi An

1st awesome bowl of Cau Lau - local specialty of Hoi An

2nd bowl :D It was that good! And I don't usually even like noodles.

One of the two bridges there - not sure which

by the riverside

Sugarcane juice! 
Hoi An is famous for it's tailors. Almost everyone leaves this place with tailored clothes but I couldn't since I didn't have enough time here and really have no need for tailored clothes. I fail to see how well fitting store bought clothes are any less alluring than overpriced tailored clothes (with the exception of suits), but that's just me, a girl with not much appreciation for finer things like tailors.

Fortunately, I do have an appreciation for food, which was awesome here! As long as you don't eat in restaurants, you can get a tasty meal for about 1USD. Come to Hoi An to eat. In fact, come to Vietnam to eat. Unfortunately, this doesn't apply if you are vegetarian.

 I arrived in town at 5pm and was promptly harassed by multiple moto drivers. After giving in to one guy, I got overcharged for a short ride to the guesthouse I planned on staying at, but it was full. I spent such a long time (all the while being hassled by other tuktuk drivers wanting to take me to their "cheap cheap guesthouse) wandering around trying to find a guesthouse on my own, but every single place was either full or 20USD. Eventually I caved in and let the tuktuk take me to his guesthouse which he told me would be 9 dollars. We got there, and the poor guy got scolded by the rude lady who told him there is only a room for 12 dollars. Tuktuk guy got embarrassed and drove off on his bike without asking payment, but leaving me behind in that GH. So I ask the lady for a discount, she gets pissed and yells at me "No room here!!!". I get fed up and walk out to look for another place to stay. After a lot more of wandering around, I couldn't find a single room that was within my budget. Since the only other alternative was to stay on the streets and be the stray dogs' dinner, I went back to that guesthouse. Stupid bitch was there, waiting for me to come back, since she knew there wouldn't be any rooms left at that hour in peak season. Without saying a word, she gave me the keys and showed me the room. So like it or not, I stayed at what is possibly the nastiest guesthouse in vietnam, Thien Trung Hotel in Hoi An. Sure, the room had a rusty bathtub and cable tv, but all off that doesn't fucking matter when the service is so rude! Over the next day, they grabbed every opportunity they could to show me in my face how rude and nasty they really can be. I even got screamed at during lunch hour the next day by another rude man at the front desk - all because I switched on the fan in their steaming hot lobby. It is 12 noon in July in Vietnam - anyone would have turned on the fan! Everyone stared, and he magically became all sheepish and apologetic.

That night it rained like crazy. The next day, it didn't rain, but I got chased by so many vendors and touts it was downright annoying. No one there seems to have anything better to do with their time other than hassle tourists. So yes, I didn't enjoy Hoi An very much. Maybe if it wasn't raining, or maybe if the ladies didn't try to drag me into their shops, I would have stayed longer. So the next day, I left to Hanoi. Getting the bus was another fiasco- not only should you not stay at Thien Trung Hotel, you shouldn't in a million years buy your bus  tickets there as well. Well, at least the sleeper bus was comfy. 

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