Friday, August 12, 2011

Marble Mountain

Getting here was easy and straightforward - I just had to get on one of the bright yellow buses around town that was headed for Hoi An, and ask to be dropped off at Marble Mountain which is right in between Danang and Hoi An. Entrance fee was reasonable - 15000 dong - as almost all entrance fees in this country tend to be.

If you love to shop and especially love funky accessory pieces, then beware, you'll leave this place with a much lighter wallet and for me, a much heavier wrist. Bracelets/rings/necklaces/sculptures/whatever made of stone are pretty and cheap! The same stone jewelry I saw here for 2.5USD, I saw it being sold for about 10USD in Hoi An. Bargaining was tough since the ladies had so much business, they didn't need to reduce the price for me to buy their stuff.

tired after climbing a few stairs :D

more stairs

roof of the large cave

another fancy dustbin! Feed the bird your trash

view from the temple at the top

A nice spot for an afternoon nap, for sure

View from the lift balcony
Some good news for the elderly/disabled/lazy bums: when I was there, they were constructing a lift/elevator all the way to the top if you don't want to do the long walk up from the base. It is charged separately from the ticket (but of course!).

An attempt at an artsy fartsy shot

It really was a fun day, something I totally recommend you do if you end up between Hoi An and Danang! To get out of here is equally as easy - frequent buses headed both ways, but after about 4pm it might be tough to get a bus, so leave early.


  1. Nice post and good pictures too! I see that you had much clearer views from the top of the mountain, it was very cloudy and little rainy when I was there. And the lift was operational too!

  2. Hey Avinash!! Thanks for reading :) So did you take the lift? :P

  3. Well its a shame really, but yes, I took the lift on my way up! Costed me another 15000 dong in addition to the entrance ticket. I also took a taxi both ways, not the bus.