Wednesday, July 6, 2011


First of all, this computer's language is set to French and I have no clue how to change it to English, which means there will probably be spelling errors all over this post. 

Secondly, to make my baggage lighter this time, I had the genius idea of cutting out the appropriate pages from my LP guidebook, just for the places I planned to visit. Only this morning when I was stranded in some random bus stop, had no clue in the world where I was (supposed to be Pakse), was surrounded by Lao people, none of whom knew a word of English, did I realize that I conveniently forgot to bring along the English-Lao translation pages. Not cool. But I did remember that after Pakse, I wanted to go to Champasak so repeating "Champasak, Champasak!" a few times to a few people in the bus station got me on the right songtheaw and here I am, in lovely Champasak.

Thirdly, Lao people are so darn honest! I have given them ample opportunity to rip me off so many times from yesterday till today, and yet no one has even tried to cheat me yet! I feel that they are more reserved than their Thai or Cambodian neighbours, but the honesty is incredible. Plus, one thing that hasn't changed since my last trip in January is their generosity with food. Almost every songtheaw ride involves a Feed the Falang session! (Falang = Lao for foreigner) In January it was some strange sour round fruits, this time it was a packet of sunflower seeds and one really huge (but very tough, real work for the teeth) baguette. How nice if this kind of thing happens back home as well!

Fourthly, people have been so nice! Despite all the difficulties faced with yesterday's and today's travels, I've also met some very good people who went out of their way to help me out for nothing in return..

Fifthly, Champasak is really nice! Plus the guesthouse I'm staying at is located in a nice spot, with nice views of the Mekong from the restaurant. Only 30000 kip (nearly 4USD) for a double room with an attached bathroom, no less! Sure, the bathroom looks a little dodgy and the walls are flimsy and need a coat of paint, but the room is spacious, has a towel rack in the sun to dry my laundry, what more could I ask for at that price. The name of the place? I just realized that I have no idea.

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