Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pictures of Hue

Coconut, first of many to come
I'm posting a picture of this coconut not because it was tasty or anything, but because it was this expensive (and old) coconut that taught me the importance of asking the price before greedily eating/drinking anything.

Truong Tien Bridge
Hue, Vietnam, was quite a pedestrian friendly city and that was one of the things I loved about it! Even the bridges had a separate lane for walkers.

Vietnamese coffee
That metallic thing you see above the glass has a filter at the bottom of it. They put the coffee grounds in, pour hot water, and the coffee slowly fills the glass which had a layer of condensed milk at the bottom. It's good, strong coffee and you get a bowl (or cup) of ice with it to cool your drink down.

Perfume river
This is the view from one of the cafes that a couchsurfer so kindly took me too! It was gorgeous and cool, a welcome respite from the heat. By the way, Perfume River isn't a very accurate name.. 

At the Citidel
My 3rd day in Hue, I woke up in the morning at 11am to the sweet sounds of construction workers drilling and hammering. I thought it was high time for me to stop spending my holiday lazing around in coffee shops and felt a moral obligation to go do something touristy involving entrance fees. So, I went to visit the Citadel. The entrance fee was 55000 Dong (2.75USD) and it was bloody crowded. 

It was also extremely hot. Maybe if I didn't feel as if I was being barbecued alive in my clothes, I would have enjoyed it more.

Water lilies! Something I liked at the Citadel..
Or maybe this is one of those attractions that are better with company, I don't know. I got bored pretty quickly and walked through all that I could walk though without walking into construction sites (there were many).

A rare section of the Citadel that wasn't swarming with people
I left after about 2 hours, which is a short period of time considering the size of that place. Then I walked to the Dong Ba Market, which was a much more interesting experience. It was quite touristy though, and like all touristy places had it's fair share of pushy vendors and touts. One lady decided that grabbing my shoulders and trying to drag me to her shop would be the best way to sell her wares. I wonder if that tactic has ever worked on any tourist...

The Supermarket!
I was walking back towards the bridge, sweat dripping off my nose when I heard the yell of a moto driver wanting to take me somewhere for too much money. I look in his direction to say 'no' and my eyes fall on this building, gleaming away in the sun in all it's cold, air-conditioned glory!

So of course I had to check it out. It felt real good, seeing price tags after days of having to bargain for everything. This may seem strange, but I like window shopping in supermarkets. There is something I like about wandering up and down aisles and aisles of food, comparing prices and admiring the sheer variety of chocolates and coffee in different supermarkets everywhere.

After some time basking in the aircond, it was a hot walk back to the guesthouse. The lady at Huong Huang GH was kind enough to let me check out 1 hour late and leave my bag there afterwards for no extra charge. That afternoon I hopped on a bus (3 hours, 60000 Dong) to Danang.

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