Saturday, July 9, 2011

In Vietnam

Yesterday, I bought myself a very expensive VIP ticket to Hue in Vietnam (leaving this morning) because I had had enough of sharing transport with live ducks and fish wriggling at my feet. Adventure be damned, I just wanted some comfort!

Today I had the most adventurous and nerve wrecking day so far. VIP bus turned out to be a major scam and I happened to be the only victim (today). Some day in the future (maybe tomorrow) I will sit down and update this space on the details of the events that has left my nerves so frazzled.

Anyway, thankfully I ended up safe in Hue, where I am writing this from a tour agency who is letting me use their computer for 50cents an hour. As a 'reward' of sorts from today's hardships, I got lucky with accomodation. I'm paying USD 3.50 for a dorm bed at Hoang Huang Guesthouse which doesn't sound so awesome on its own until you take into account the fact that there are only 3 beds in one dorm and I have this dorm all to myself! Plus there's hot water...

Currently I am experiencing something of a culture shock since I'm coming from Laos. There are motorbikes everywhere and it is so damn noisy! I suppose I wouldn't feel it so badly if I'm coming from home, but my mind is still used to the silence of Laos that this chaos is making me feel very shakey (is that a word?) right now. Plus so many tourists, which feels sooo strange after days of being with mostly Lao people.

On a more comical note, everybody is convinced that I am from Thailand! Isn't that absolutely strange? No one is even asking me to make sure of my origins, they just go right ahead and say random Thai phrases to me, or offer to change my 'baht' into their 'dong'. Either that or they tell me "thailand number 1! vietnam number 1!" and when i say I'm from Malaysia, all I get is a "huh?!" look. Being an Asian backpacker in Asia can be frustrating at times, but so funny the other times! They just don't know what to make of me.. A brown falang is such an anomaly.

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