Thursday, July 14, 2011


I am now in Hanoi. Still alive though slightly fatter thanks to the awesome Vietnamese street food. This makes me feel that my one true regret in life is that my stomach isn't a bottomless pit. There is just so much to eat and everything is just so damn delicious and cheap that making a choice is such a tough thing to do!

It's been raining like crazy here. It is supposed to be the hot season with no rain, but who knows why it has been pouring non stop from the moment I stepped off the bus at 7.30am this morning (it is now 2.16pm). I'm staying at Real Darling Cafe guesthouse, a dorm bed for 4USD. This time I wasn't so lucky to have the whole dorm to myself. My dorm mate is a young Japanese guy who is rather cute but sadly speaks almost no English at all :( He looks mild enough though, hardly the serial killer type, so I should survive the night in one piece.

Finding an Internet cafe in this extremely touristy Old Quarter of Hanoi has been a real pain. The internet offered at the GH is too slow to be any good and every other place offers "free" internet as long as you use their services, which will be more expensive than any normal internet shop by the hour. After lots of walking I caved in and bought myself a coffee at this cafe with free internet and I'm currently trying to stretch that one glass of overpriced coffee for as long as possible. I have been drinking way too much coffee for my own good but the Vietnamese coffee really is quite delicious. Not as awesome as the Lao coffee to which I have pledged my eternal undying love, but still acceptably awesome nevertheless.

So far today I have yet to be ripped off, which is quite an achievement since it is already 2.25pm! Usually I would have been overcharged a million times by now. On a less positive note, I don't quite remember how I got to this cafe since it was a nice long walk with plenty of stops for street food. Getting back to my Real Darling is going to require some careful scrutiny of my LP map.


  1. u made me wonder how the vietnamese food taste like....u used TRUE regret!

    & the coffee as well..hahaha..u had pledges ur eternal undying love..dats the utmost compliment..hmmm...

    now having my study break...enjoy yea!3 more days to go...

  2. seriously Kailin, i was eating by the roadside multiple times a day and even in one week i couldn't finish trying all that i had wanted to try!

    yes, food is the best thing to pledge eternal undying love to. i'm very serious about my coffee lol :D

    and gambateh!!