Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bukit Ketumbar

Took a break from hitting the books and met up with a few other Couchsurfers for a short hike up Ketumbar Hill in Cheras.

It takes only about 45 minutes to walk to the top but the slopes were kind of steep, especially for someone as unfit as I am! At the very top there is a gym. That's right, a gym on top of a hill.

It's called Guinness top. There's a swing, some dilapidated but still in use equipment, hoola hoops made of heavy bamboo and a bunch of cockerels.

Two exhibitionist butterflies, clinging to each other and posing for a picture

A mirror to check yourself out as you work out

Chickens and chopped wood

Climbing up some steps during the descent (no typos here)

A clock on a tree!

View of KL obscured by trees


  1. did you climb alone ? wow you have started to love walking so much ?

  2. No, like I said in the post, I met up with other Couchsurfers.