Monday, March 28, 2011

Luang Prabang.. part two

a lone Buddhist prayer offering, seen by the boulevard along the river

a closer look. these were being sold at the Wats and also by the roadside stalls

random logs of wood

pretty, isn't it

small farm on the slope leading down to the riverbank

Now this Bamboo Bridge has a fee of a whopping 4000kip just to cross it once and come back!

Rickety old thing but leads to a certain kind of paradise..

view from the bridge

walk up the sloping path at the left of the picture and you'll get to a whole new side of luang prabang

beautiful sunny day, perfect for taking a dip...

Lao boy basking in the sun after a swim

A cool reprieve from the sun to retreat into after a huge lunch, garden at Wat Choum Khong

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