Saturday, January 29, 2011

goodbye, laos

my flight out of here is in a few hours, and i must say, i'm not unhappy to be leaving. this was the first time i'd ever attempted something like this, by something i mean book flight tickets and book nothing else, plan absolutely nothing, have absolutely no itenerary except for a vague idea that i'd like to check out luang prabang. and check it out i did! it was so much excitement living from day to day. waking up in the morning, and thinking, 'so what shall i do today? shall i leave? shall i stay another day?' and then going ahead and just doing i what i felt like doing without having to think of anyone else was extremely liberating. it's fun, but i'm exhausted, and i'm down with a bad case of food poisoning, from eating overpriced food i didn't even enjoy in the first place (so not worth it!). except for lao coffee, of course, it's so awesome that even i love it. i don't usually drink coffee in the first place but a nice big packet of lao coffee is leaving the country with me!

next, moving on to a small island country, let's hope the cuisine there is more enticing.